Our Oatmeal

Richer, darker, fuller flavor than the most popular of old fashioned oatmeal makes our Thick & Rough Oatmeal a bestseller! This oatmeal is a tasteful delight. 100% Whole Grain Milled Oats. We mill these whole grain oats extra thick for a noticeably richer flavor and double toast them for a rougher texture than regular oatmeal. Splendidly nutritious too as it helps reduce blood cholesterol. Our Oats are brimming full of good carbohydrates with all the natural goodness of the whole grain oats -- no salt, sugar, or fat! The Silver Palate is proud to offer these rougher, thicker oats to cook up for taste and texture that provides sheer breakfast pleasure for those who can appreciate an oatmeal classic. And if you feel more adventurous, bake a heavenly granola from the recipe on the back of our package.

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