Thank you for your beautiful, delicious, Low Sodium Marinara Sauce. It's a real winner, especially for my low sodium diet with my salt issue. Thank you again! I hope that people will be smart enough to buy it.

-A happy customer

Being of Italian decent and making only homemade sauce I have never been a fan of jarred sauce.  I tried your sauce for the very first time and I will continue to purchase this sauce for when I don't have the time to make it from scratch.  Thank you for a wonderful product.

Margaret, UT

I just purchased your basil tomato sauce, and served it with roasted artichokes with olive oil.  It was the BEST sauce we have ever purchased, bar none.  I have never sent a message to anyone about their product, so consider yourself special!!!  I will be purchasing more sauces plus other products.

Genice, OH

I discovered your delicious Grain Berry cereal while shopping at Sprouts and so pleased that I did. As a recent breast cancer survivor I am always looking for healthier food choices and being a cereal lover this is the perfect for for me. Everything I want and nothing that I don't all while tasting simply delicious. I especially love the Honey Nut. Quality you can see and taste in every bite ! And I love that they are loaded with antioxidants which are a cancer survivor's best friend ! I look forward to trying anything and everything you have to offer and refer your products to everyone. Next on my list is to try your Pancake & Waffle Mix..my second favorite food in the world ! Thank you for making a line of products for those of us trying to eat and live a healthier lifestyle. You are a most welcome addition to my home and I am a very pleased customer for life.

Vicki, CA

I've never made bran muffins before but I to eat them. I noticed a $1.50 off the cinnamon bran muffin mix so I thought I would give it a try. I am in LOVE with them!! The quality and taste is fantastic. I decided to make the extra moist kind but didn't have apple sauce, just one single serving sauce, but it worked really well. I also used mini muffin pan so they are bite-sized.  The one batch made 40 mini-muffins. Perfect for me to take to work just for a snack. Thank you for a wonderful product! You have a lifetime buyer and I will look for and buy your other products!

Jeff, TX

Thank you! I have tried making Fra Diavolo sauce for years like you get at a restaurant with no success. But today I was in the mood for Shrimp Fra Diavolo and I went to the store and there was your brand and I thought, why not try it?  I certainly haven't been successful, and the only time I get it is at a restaurant.  Well, thank you, thank you, thank you!  My dinner was fabulous and deeeeeelicious.  I will purchase more next time I go to the grocery store so I have it on hand.  I can't wait to try other Silver Palate products!

Lorraine, PA

I just wanted to tell you how much my husband LOVES, your Cinnamon Frosted Shredded Wheat!!!  I had blueberries and raspberries that he put on his cereal; he was so impressed.  Can't wait for summer so we can have fresh berries on this cereal!!  The whole grain, the antioxidants, 0 sodium, Oh Yay! Thanks so much!

Barbara, ME

I love your sauce. I gave up on spaghetti for awhile because it just wasn't the same without the San Marazano tomatoes. Your sauce is perfect, don't change a thing!

Jenny, MN

So excited to have found this Grain Berry pasta! I loved it, and more importantly, my kiddos loved it. I run an in home daycare and have the goal of raising a healthier generation of children. I had recently changed over to doing as many whole grains as possible but had a problem with the kids eating the whole grain pastas. Most of it would go straight in the garbage. My own 18 month old ate two whole servings of this and the rest of the kids also ate more than they usually do. It's a winner for us!

Cassandra, CO

Just picked up your Grain Berry cereal and it is excellent - great with fresh fruits and no indigestion! I will look for your other products in other stores.

Barbara, VA

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Thick & Rough oatmeal. I will never eat regular oatmeal again. The texture and flavor is amazing. Thank you so much!!!!

Theresa, NJ

I just wanted to tell you how much my family loves your Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce. It is so good. We have purchased other brands but always come back to yours it is simply the best!! So a big thumbs up to you all from the Chase family!!

Chase Family, UT

My husband and I love pasta. And we have been searching for a really great sauce, we finally found it! The marinara sauce is by far our
favorite! We are more than willing to spend the extra couple dollars for great flavor for our dinner!

Kali, Georgia

I came across your san marzano roasted garlic sauce. WOW! It is absolutely the best sauce in a jar I have ever had in my fifty years of cooking.

Gerri from Connecticut

"I just tried your San Marzano tomato basil blend pasta sauce. IT was a revelation, just fantastic. I made it with Bucatini noodles and sweet Italian sausage.  I keep the jar for the label, and show it to friends and neighbors so they will remember it when they are in the mood for pasta. I think I have made you three new customers so far."

Matt - California

My favorite is the Grain Berry Bran Flakes. I don't miss the sugar and it tastes better than than all other brands I've tried.  I especially love it with vanilla almond milk, blueberries and walnuts! Thanks for educating consumers about antioxidants...great job!

Sherry, NY

"I was born and raised in Indiana where oatmeal was a part of life.  My father and I ate oatmeal together for years and it continues to be a treat.  I have always been an elitist when it comes to well prepared original style oats--yet I had always eaten Quaker Oats and never questioned it.  I recently decided to try your brand of Thick and Rough Oatmeal and it has changed my preference in oatmeal forever.  Your brand of oats outshines all others and I am forever converted.  Thank you for your dedication to creating a great product and I hope the business continues to prosper and make excellent products." - Alexandra, North Carolina

"The best pasta sauce I ever had. It tastes better than any restaurant and is as good as the one I make at home. I don't even waste my time making my own anymore. I very highly recommend."  -Carmen, NY

I just finished baking your muffins again!  I can't tell you how many times I make them. I am a long time consumer and have taken advantage of your "FREE" product offer a few times. I have made and brought these muffins to many meetings I attend and everyone raves...I tell them about Grain Berry and the nutritional value of all your products. I even give them coupons that I cut from your boxes and tell them how they can get a FREE coupn.

When I am in the ShopRite...I often leave a coupon or two by your item on the shelf hoping to encourage another shopper to try them. I want to tell you what I have been doing with your muffin mix. I have added the yogurt (as your recipe instructs--I also add raisins and chopped walnuts and sometimes add pomegranates.). I do think your Brownie mix, cereals and pasta sauce are excellent as well.

Consumer - New Jersey


I just tried one of your products for the first time. Congratulations on producing a marinara sauce that is uniquely flavorful, yet commendably complementary to pasta and poultry. Your San Marzano variety has taken its rightful place as one of the best on the grocery shelf.  I look forward to sampling your other varieties soon.

Consumer - Georgia

Your oatmeal is the best! My daughters and myself enjoy a bowl every night before bed. It's got a great flavor unlike a lot of other brands that taste watered down and not a true oat taste. Keep up the great flavors. :)

Consumer, California

I recently tried your San Marzano pasta sauce, and I just had to tell you how great it is, and how happy I am with your ingredients list. I have been a long-time sauce maker myself, and I think I've finally found a reason to stop! You've earned a new customer!

Consumer, California

Just tried the Tomato Basil sauce and it was excellent. This is my new "go to" sauce. Thank you for a great product.

Consumer, California

You'll love this -- I just ordered my second box of 6 of the Grain Berry Honey Nut Cereal from Amazon.  I had ordered before, but it disappeared after the first box, and I couldn't figure out where it was all going...  I thought someone in the family had hidden the box or accidentally thrown it out.  Then I found out my son's been eating it!  I think he snacks on it dry all afternoon while he studies -- and since we had 6, he just kept replacing the boxes - - so the whole time I thought it was the first box we were actually tearing through it at a terrific rate!

Happy, and surprised Mom!

I just wanted to THANK YOU for making such a delicious Marinara!  Your sauce is our favorite sugar-free sauce and we always have it in the house. The only other sauce we eat is homemade.

Consumer - Maine


My son Joseph loves your products.  He has started a health regimen removing all cornstarch, unhealthy processing, etc.  Thanks for such a great product.

--A happy consumer

I love your Marinara and Tomato Basil sauces.  Everyone I serve them to, loves them!  Excellent products.

Customer, Indiana

Your Sweet & Rough Mustard helps to make a fabulous dressing for Spinach Salad.

- Customer, Las Vegas, NV

Can't wait to get your Apricot Mustard Sauce - great on pork tenderloin cooked on the grill.

- Customer, Farmington, CT

I received your dessert toppings as a gift a couple of years ago. I especially remember the fudge sauce - it was incredible!

- Customer, Rockville, MD

I just felt like a good martini tonight. I looked in the fridge and had no olives. Ran to the local store and bought your garlic stuffed olives. This is the most delicious martini I have ever tasted. Your olives rule!!!! Thank you for a great product.

- Olive Fan

Balsamic Country Salad Splash® - "Sweet and fruity with distinct balsamic-vinegar flavor. Full, complex dressing gives impression it was freshly prepared. Should go well with a wide range of salad ingredients. Less sodium than others."

- Consumer Reports, September 2005