Our Pasta Sauces

There is an Italian proverb that says a meal without pasta is like a day without sunshine.  Pasta is delicious, nutritious, frugal and fun.  A pasta dish is great as a first course, entrée or a side dish. Silver Palate Pasta Sauce is delicious, nutritious, frugal and fun and contains more lycopene antioxidants than tomatoes so they truly are better both in taste, texture and health. Our pasta sauces are a delicious way to perk up any pasta, short or long for a cheap, healthy and delicious meal the whole family will love. We call our pasta sauces "Extra Virgin" not just because they are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil but also because we slowly simmer our pasta sauces with fresh whole vine ripened imported San Marzano plum heirloom tomatoes, grown in mineral -rich volcanic soil, that have never been genetically altered. And unlike many other pasta sauces we never use tomato paste or puree or refined added sugar. What a difference that makes in taste and texture and enjoyment. 

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